Strategic Alliances and Communications

The SGC Strategic Alliances and Communications team is responsible for promoting, managing and fostering interaction with all external communities concerned with drug discovery, including scientists from correlated areas, patient groups, funders, government agencies and media. We aim to work together with all these communities to raise awareness about the importance of pre-competitive and preclinical drug discovery endeavours and to establish an integrated and inclusive process to promote innovative ways to facilitate and enable the discovery of new medicines.

We are involved in the following activities at the moment and will be expanding these as opportunities arise - please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in establishing a Strategic Collaboration with us or to simply hear more about the SGC, our mission and our research model.

  • Strategic grants
  • Institutional Collaborations
  • Interaction with Policy Makers and Governments
  • Public Engagement and Outreach
  • Communications and Media


Arij Al Chawaf, PhD
Strategic Alliances Director
SGC Toronto


Wen Hwa Lee, PhD
Strategic Alliances Director
SGC Oxford

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