Probes against other protein classes

The SGC has, in collaboration with pharma and academic partners, generated a number of probes for epigenetic targets. Whilst work in this area is continuing the SGC, again in collaboration with pharma and academic partners, is now extending the target focus beyond epigenetics to targets from a range of other protein classes. These probes will continue to meet the high criteria of potency and selectivity established for the epigenetics probes and will be made available to help elucidate the biological and therapeutic function of the target proteins.

Name Structure Protein Familysort descending Specific Targets Control In vivo parameters tested* Added
BAY-876 glucose transporter GLUT1 BAY-588 yes 06/16
T-26c matrix metalloproteinase MMP-13 T-26f 06/16
BAY-678 Serine Proteases Neutrophil Elastase BAY-677 yes 10/15
BI01383298 Solute Carrier SLC13A5 BI01372674 01/18
glqxz9283 sfy39587stf02 mnesdcuix8