Structural and Chemical Biology Bootcamp

ChemNET’s 2015 bootcamp from August 10th – August 20th.
Courses and workshops
An Introduction to Project management (by Procept Associates ltd)

  • Specific characteristics of a project
  • Common causes of failure
  • Project life cycle
  • Project charter
  • Measurable deliverables
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Necessary skills
  • Implementing project management process

Structure based drug design and Molecular modelling (by Prof. Nicolas Moitessier, McGill University)

  • Docking
  • Predicting drug binding mode and potency
  • Virtual screening techniques
  • Predicting the sites of metabolism of drugs by liver enzymes

This workshop aims to provide an opportunity for participants to learn how to implement differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF), radioactivity-based activity assays and peptide displacement methods.

Understanding concepts in crystallography is important, but for Structure-Based Drug Discovery, it is more important to have a good idea of where structures come from, how they are solved, and most important to have the ability to assess model quality.  SBDD requires analysis of positioning of each atom in the active site and each atom of a potential drug or ligand.  Therefore understanding how to interpret models and how far to trust crystallographic data will be emphasized over theory in this class.
Cell Biology
Protein Production & Purification - Access to high-quality protein is a prerequisite for crystallography, assay development and biophysical characterization. A major part of the resources at SGC is therefore spent in this area and we produce proteins, both through general high-throughput methods and one by one in complicated tailor-made processes. At the ChemNET boot camp we will run a workshop on protein production using the general high-throughput method to purify a set of ~12 proteins in parallel. The participants will get hands-on experience in using the LEX system for E.coli growth and the ÄKTA Xpress for parallel purification. We will also theoretically go over the cloning and expression screening methods and the eukaryotic expression systems used at the SGC.


ChemNET Trainees participating in bootcamp 2015
ChemNET Trainee Affiliation Faculty / PI
 Dr. Damien Bosc  Simon Fraser University  Dr. Robert Young
 Ben Loosley   University of British Columbia  Dr. Raymond Andersen
 Hong Yee Tan   Simon Fraser University  Dr. David Vocadlo
 Matt Alteen  Simon Fraser University  Dr. David Vocadlo
 Venugopal Rao Challa  Simon Fraser University  Dr. Robert Britton
 Juntao Ye  University of Toronto  Dr. Mark Lautens
 Zafar Qureshi   University of Toronto  Dr. Mark Lautens
 Victoria Corless  University of Toronto  Dr. Andrei Yudin
 Dr. Rodrigo Mendoza  University of Toronto  Dr. Andrei Yudin
 Marc-Olivier Labbé  IRCM – Institut de Recherches Clinique de Montréal  Dr. Yvan Guindon
 Dostie Starr  IRCM – Institut de Recherches Clinique de Montréal  Dr. Yvan Guindon
 Juan Salinas Hernandez  Université de Montréal  Dr. Steve Hanessian
Institutions and Faculty   Industry Collaborators
Institut de Recherches Clinique de Montréal   AbbVie Inc.
Simon Fraser University   Boehringer Ingelheim
Université de Montréal   Janssen
University of British Columbia   Merck & Co
University of Toronto   Novartis Pharma AG
    Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited




Download BootCamp 2014 Agenda

ChemNET Trainees participating in bootcamp 2014

ChemNET Trainee Affiliation Faculty
Matt Alteen Simon Fraser University Dr. David Vocadlo
Venugopal Rao Challa Simon Fraser University Dr. B. Mario Pinto
Damien Bosc Simon Fraser University Dr. Robert Young
Juan Salinas Hernandez Université de Montréal Dr. Steve Hanessian
Ben Loosely University of British Columbia Dr. Raymond Andersen
Yasaman Mahdavi-Amiri Simon Fraser University Dr. B. Mario Pinto
Zafar Qureshi University of Toronto Dr Mark Lautens
Yun Shi Simon Fraser University Dr. B. Mario Pinto
Dostie Starr IRCM – Institut de Recherches Clinique de Montréal Dr. Yvan Guindon
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