Nomination of targets for SGC Target Enabling Package Programme

The SGC aims to promote exploration of new drug targets for treatment of human diseases in four broad therapeutic areas: Neuropsychiatry, Metabolic and other Rare diseases, Cancer, and Inflammation.

We are seeking nominations of new disease-linked genes, identified through genomic or gene expression research. We will then, possibly in collaboration with the nominating scientist, generate the purified proteins encoded by the disease-linked genes; functional assays; atomic-resolution structures; and chemical starting points. The data and reagents will be available to the wider research community, and in particular to our existing network of collaborators ranging from medicinal chemists to clinicians, which will ensure a rapid impact. 

Targets will be prioritised according to the following criteria:

  1. Robust disease link (Genetic or expression data)
  2. Plausible therapeutic hypothesis
  3. Need for tools (proteins, structures, assays, small molecules, antibodies)
  4. Prospects for collaborative research and downstream utilisation.

To nominate targets please download the Target nomination form and upload using the links below:

 Target nomination form (.xlsx)



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