Public Nomination of targets for SGC

The SGC aims to promote exploration of new drug targets for treatment of human diseases in four broad areas: Neuropsychiatry, Metabolic and rare diseases, Cancer, and Inflammation.

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By clicking the 'submit' button, you consent to the University of Oxford collecting your details for the purposes of target nomination. The University of Oxford will use the information collected in the prioritisation of targets for TEP generation. Your data will not be passed on to any third party without your consent and you can at any time request that we remove your nominations from our internal records by emailing us at We reserve the right to disseminate summary statistics both publically and to third-parties which break down nominations by organisation type, target disease area, and other derived information obtained from publically accessible databases. The University of Oxford also reserves the right to disseminate a list of all genes nominated along with their corresponding target areas both publically and to third-parties.  For clarity the only information provided which will be publically disseminated or shared with third-parties includes: Gene Symbol, Target Area, and Partner type (Industry, Charity, and Academia). We will not share any other information provided or share information publically or with third-parties which could be used to identify individuals or companies. Data will be held for the duration of the TEP project.

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