SGC-UNICAMP To Receive R$8.4Million In Public-Private Funding For Open Innovation Medicinal Chemistry Program

Two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, Aché Laboratories and Eurofarma Laboratories, have partnered with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (Embrapii) to fund a medicinal chemistry project at the SGC lab at UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Aché and Eurofarma will each provide R$2.4M funding over six years with R$3.6M from Embrapii to form the Embrapii “Centro de Química Medicinal de Inovação Aberta” (CQMED, English: “Centre for Open Innovation Medicinal Chemistry”).

As part of the project, researchers from the pharma companies will work with the SGC-UNICAMP team to develop inhibitors of proteins important for diseases such as cancer and parasitic infection. The project will follow open science principles, allowing the research output to be shared and published without patents. Announced on January 29th, 2018 in UNICAMP, this open innovation industry partnership is considered the first of its kind in Brazil.

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