New look for Target 2035


New look for Target 2035

SGC’s Target 2035 initiative just launched a new website with a fresh look and feel. Users will be able to access information about the project, upcoming webinars, and general updates. Check the Target 2035 Twitter and Linked In accounts for the latest news.

What is Target 2035

Target 2035 is an open science global movement consisting of international scientists and researchers, focusing on the creation of chemical and biological tools to study human proteins and inform drug discovery. The aim is to develop a pharmacological modulator for every protein in the human proteome by 2035. The chemical and biological reagents (called chemical or biological probes) can then be used to modulate and understand protein function, leading to novel therapeutic targets for tomorrow’s medicines.

Join Target 2035

Target 2035 is an open science, precompetitive space for scientists and researchers to share their findings. Open access tools provide valuable opportunities to learn about the biology of proteins, determining their impact on future drug treatments. With more open access tools available to the research and science community to study human proteins, the outcome will lead to a greater understanding of human health and disease.

Target 2035 is an excellent opportunity for scientists and researchers to collaborate on diverse projects, offering valuable experience for early career investigators (including students and young principal investigators) to build their network while working towards creating tools for the scientific community. For more information, visit

Upcoming Target 2035 Webinars

October 26 - Open Science Antibody Tools

November 16 - Targeting Membrane Transporters

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