SGC Neuro

SGC Neuro at McGill University

The Neuro focus will be on the “Dark Genome” targets (under-studied genes) implicated in neurodegenerative disorders, and creating tools, from antibodies to genetically modified induced-pluripotent stem cell lines. The goal is to understand whether or how these genes contribute to pathology, and most importantly drive a fundamental shift in neurodegenerative disease research by uncovering new mechanisms and pathways in disease biology, and deliver new targets for therapy.


SGC Neuro at McGill University People

Edward Fon – Chief Scientist


Thomas Durcan – Research Professor


Jean-François Trempe – Research Professor


Ziv Gan-Or – Research Professor


Peter McPherson – Research Professor

Carl Laflamme - Team Lead, Antibody Characterization Group


Roxanne Lariviere – SGC Neuro Site Coordinator


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