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2011-07-06 - Interactive 3D visualisations of biological molecules to aid the study of inborn errors of metabolism
2011-06-12 - Cerep to build epigenetics screening and profiling lab in Toronto
2011-04-21 - SGC Workshop on BMP/TGF-β Signalling & Disease
2011-04-20 - Genetic and Structural Studies Highlight Novel Key Factors in Autoimmune Diseases
2011-03-03 - Nature News: Traditional drug-discovery model ripe for reform
2011-02-17 - The Economist: Canada pharma - Toronto talks
2011-02-16 - BMJ (a publication from the British Medical Association): Global initiative launches to speed up the discovery of new drugs
2011-02-14 - Bid to end duplicate drug research - The UK newspaper "The Independent" reports on a radical plan to end the "madness" of wasteful and pointless research by rival drug companies.
2011-02-11 - Più marketing che ricerca - Big Pharma cambia strategia ("More Marketing than research - the Big Pharmas change strategy) - in the italian newspaper "La Stampa"
2011-02-09 - Nature Podcast: The future of Protein Research (00:47)
2011-02-09 - In this week's Nature Magazine: Too many roads not taken - Most protein research focuses on those known before the human genome was mapped. Work on the slew discovered since, urge Aled M. Edwards and his colleagues
2011-02-09 - Drugs: Supply running low. Financial Times analyses the recent closures of R&D sites by big pharmas and the implications for the future of drug discovery.
2011-02-09 - Q&A: The protein bias - "The Scientist" interviews Aled Edwards)
2011-02-01 - Nature Structural & Molecular Biology trials iSee enhanced interactive articles
2010-12-23 - BET Bromodomains probe - JQ1/SGCBD01 is the cover story on Nature's SciBX: Science-Business eXchange
2010-10-11 - SGC scientist shaking up field of infectious disease
2010-09-27 - Structural Genomics Consortium releases 1000th protein structure
2010-08-06 - PLoS Biology and MCP adopt iSee to enhance articles with interactive 3D molecular graphics
2010-07-06 - SGC joins European Union Framework Programme 7 grant on Affinomics
2010-06-10 - Pfizer joins open access medicinal chemistry public-private collaboration
2010-05-20 - "Nature" publishes study on a promising new drug target to control Toxoplasmosis
2010-05-02 - "NSMB" highlights first-ever structures of autoinhibited calcium-dependent protein kinases
2010-04-15 - SGC & Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine are awarded funding for research into fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva SGC & Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine are awarded funding for research into fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
2010-04-11 - "Nature Chemical Biology" publishes kinase inhibitors used to provide insight into Msp1 cell cycle function
2010-02-20 - Transforming Drug Discovery: Dr Chas Bountra, the Chairman of the Marcus Evans Discovery Summit 2010 shares his recommendations for drug discovery acceleration across Europe.
2010-02-15 - Chemical & Engineering News covers work to characterise novel activators of Pyruvate Kinase M2
2010-02-10 - The Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee identifies new N-myristoyltransferase inhibitors as leads to treat sleeping sickness
2009-10-20 - The SGC, in collaboration with MolSoft LLC, has worked with PLoS ONE to launch articles with interactive 3D visualisations to aid in drug discovery
2009-08-20 - Symposium on Epigenetics Mechanisms in Health and Disease - October 22-23, 2009
2009-06-23 - SGC Receives $4.6 Million For Development of Chemical Probes to Epigenetic Targets
2008-12-18 - Wellcome Trust Funds SGC-led Public-Private Partnership to Develop Chemical Probes for Drug Discovery
2008-11-10 - SGC and OICR Host Symposium on Chemical Biology-Based Drug Design in Toronto
2008-08-30 - Visiting Scientist Program
2008-08-20 - Small Molecule Screening Workshop at SGC Toronto - March 5-6th and July 9-10th, 2009
2008-08-05 - Pilot Project to Generate Affinity Reagents to Human Proteins
2008-07-02 - The Shape of Things to Come? -Oxford Today
2008-06-11 - How to Make a Science out of Drug Discovery - CBC News

2008-05-30 - SGC in IUCR Newsletter
2008-05-08 - Toronto Rising - Nature
2008-04-22 - Top Neurophysiologist to lead SGC Chem Biology Effort
2008-02-19 - SGC Head Urges Open Access to Boost Drug Development
2008-02-12 - SGC Oxford hosts the "Symposium on Structural Biology and Human Health", April 14th, 2008
2008-01-31 - New Chief Scientist at SGC Oxford Laboratories
2007-10-29 - SGC Solves its 500th Structure
2007-10-25 - "Solving the Structure of Life", Scandinavian Life Science Journal
2007-08-23 - Frontiers in Epigenetics and Chromatin Signaling Symposium - September 21, 2007
2007-08-14 - KI Hub for Global Protein Research
2007-07-17 - Epigenetics at the SGC in Oxford
2007-07-04 - SGC Launches Phase II
2007-07-02 - "Global Genomics Project Could Trim Drug Design by 18 Months" (HealthTech Wire)
2007-06-25 - SGC Releases Experimental Data for De-prioritised Targets
2007-06-03 - Small Molecule Screening Workshop at SGC Toronto - July 12-14, 2007
2007-04-12 - SGC Toronto Open House - May 2, 2007
2007-03-30 - Training Collaborative Opportunities at SGC-Toronto
2007-03-28 - SGC Stockholm Deposits the 400th SGC Structure
2007-03-02 - SGC Toronto Reaches Initial Output Goal with Protein Associated with Cancer and Eye Disease
2006-08-15 - KI Press Release Celebrating the First Year of Operation for SGC Stockholm
2006-06-28 - "Science in the Solstice" (Nature)
2006-06-02 - "Protein Structures Hint at the Shape of Things to Come" (Nature)
2006-05-26 - SGC Participates in the CASP7 Protein-Structure Prediction Competition
2006-05-26 - SGC Oxford Deposit Compound Screening Data in PubChem
2005-09-14 - Spotlight on SGC Stockholm (Ny Teknik - Engineering newspaper)
2005-09-12 - "Designing for shape", Chemical and Engineering News (SGC Collaborator, Dr. Eric Meggers)
2005-08-01 - KI Press release Announcing Opening of SGC Stockholm
2005-06-13 - Simplifying science: Researcher Dedicated to Mapping Protein Structures
2005-05-25 - SGC Celebrates First Anniversary with 50 New Protein Structures Ahead of Plan
2005-05-25 - Unique Toronto Partnership Solves Structures Of Malaria Proteins: May Lead To New Drugs
2005-02-04 - SGC and McLaughlin-Rotman Centre to Collaborate on Structural Biology of Malarial Proteins
2005-01-15 - SGC Fermentor System Wins Cool Design Contest
2005-01-11 - SGC Scientific Committee Member Dr. Tony Pawson wins Wolf Prize in Medicine
2004-11-01 - SGC-Toronto Open House: Symposium and Lab Tours.
2003-04-18 - Canada-UK Genome Consortium Launched from Genome Canada
2003-04-04 - "Canada Vaults Into Drug-Oriented Protein Research" (Science)
2003-04-03 - "Canada Drives Medical Protein-Structure Hunt" (Nature)
2003-04-03 - Backgrounder: Structural Genomics Consortium
2003-04-03 - UK-Cdn Consortium Commits $95-m to International Health Research Project

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