SGC Karolinska

The SGC Karolinska lab focuses on two scientific areas - cell-based assays on patient-derived cells and generating recombinant antibodies to selected targets from the SGC network. We have a particular interest in studying inflammation and autoimmune disease based on inflammatory processes.

The SGC Karolinska laboratory, under the direction of Prof. Michael Sundström, is housed within the Faculty of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet, and located at the Centre for Molecular Medicine. Scientists at SGC Karolinska are affiliated with the Departments of Medicine or Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

The SGC Karolinska laboratory has research efforts in biotechnology, protein production, phage display, cell culture, patient-derived cell-based assays and mass spectrometry. The SGC encourages collaborations with laboratories across the globe, focused on proteins of medical relevance and their modulators of functions, such as small molecule inhibitors and antibodies.

SGC Karolinska People

Michael Sundström

Scientific Director

Susanne Gräslund

Principal Investigator

Louise Berg

Principal Investigator

Per-Johan Jakobsson

Principal Investigator

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