SGC's high-quality proteins

The SGC has been producing high-quality proteins since 2004, focused primarily on human proteins associated with disease. Disease areas such as cancer, metabolic, inflammation, neuropsychiatry and rare diseases have been studied, with an emphasis on protein families, and many tools to enable continued research in these areas are available on the website.

High-throughput cloning and expression platforms were created in the Biotechnology Groups to enable the screening of thousands of constructs of targets in parallel. As a result of this dedicated effort, thousands of proteins were produced at a large scale for structural and functional studies.

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From Gene to Purification

Proteins are produced in established expression systems (E. coli, Insect/Baculovirus, Mammalian cells (transient and BacMam)) developed at the SGC research sites and comprise an array of protein types including intracellular, secreted and integral membrane. Published and highly reproducible protocols created by SGC scientists are available. 

Many of the proteins have been screened for small molecule modulators to create chemical tools for open research. A package of data (e.g. construct, protein protocol, functional assay, structure and chemical probe) for specific targets can be found in our Target Enabling Packages.

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