Peter J. Brown

Principal Investigator

North Carolina at Chapel Hill
+1 416.978.7408

Peter received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Sheffield and performed postdoctoral research at Indiana University with Philip Magnus culminating in the total synthesis of (-)-Pleiomutine, a bis-indole alkaloid.  Prior to joining the SGC in 2009, Peter spent nineteen years at GlaxoSmithKline in various roles, most recently Section Head, Medicinal Chemistry, and was focused on the early Hit-ID phase of Drug Discovery and finding tool compounds for the Nuclear Receptor family of proteins.  Peter’s research interests include using HTS, target-specific arrays, and fragment-based methods to discover probes for epigenetic targets.


Research Areas

Discovery of potent, selective, cell-active chemical probes for epigenetic targets using innovative methods. Identification of new templates for optimization by the use of fragment screening and focussed library design. The goal of the Epigenetic Chemical Probes group is to identify small molecules which interact with epigenetic targets with the following properties:

- IC50 (inhibitors) or Kd (antagonists) < 100nM.

- >30-fold selectivity over targets in different branches of the phylogenetic tree, and other target families.

- significant activity in cells < 1 µM.

- the co-crystal structure of the ligand and protein is solved to better than 2.8A resolution.

- the chemical probe is widely available to the scientific community without restrictions on use.

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