SGC Frankfurt

The Structural Genomics Consortium at the Goethe University Frankfurt (SGC Frankfurt) is focussed on the development and rational design of selective inhibitors (chemical probes) targeting key signalling molecules and their use for the validation of new targets. The research team focusses on three main key areas:

  1. Development of allosteric kinase inhibitors including targeting pseudokinases to interrogate catalytic as well as scaffolding functions ok kinases. As part of the SGC our laboratory has solved a comprehensive set of crystal structure of this large protein family offering new opportunities for the design of selective inhibitors.
  2. Development of new chemistry to target kinases. We are using new chemical approaches like covalent kinase inhibition and exploring shape using macrocycles to generate novel and more specific kinase inhibitors.
  3. Targeting protein interactions module that mediate the recognitions of key posttranslational modifications such as ε-N-lysine acetylation specific reader domains.

The SGC Frankfurt is also coordinating the pharma probe project a project that makes high quality probes developed for different therapeutic areas that are no longer pursued as drug candidates or leads in pharma companies available to the public.

The team has capacities for protein production, in vitro screening (biochemical and biophysical methods as well as cell-based assays) and X-ray crystallography.

The SGC Frankfurt is housed at the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences. Scientists at the SGC Frankfurt are associated with the Faculty “Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy".

SGC Frankfurt People

Stefan Knapp

Principal Investigator

Susanne Müller-Knapp

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Hanke

Principle Investigator

Vladimir Rogov

Principle Investigator

Krishna Saxena

Principal Investigator

Andreas Joerger

Principal Investigator

Václav Němec

Principal Investigator

A Kramer

Andreas Krämer

Principal Investigator

S Roham

Sandra Röhm

Principal Investigator

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