Cerep to build epigenetics screening and profiling laboratory in Toronto

The Structural Genomic Consortium (SGC) announced  today  that  SGC and  Cerep, a worldleading biotechnology company, will enter into a collaboration to develop open access biochemical and cell-based  assays for the discovery of small molecule chemical probes and drug candidates on epigenetic targets. As part of the collaboration, Cerep will open a laboratory in Toronto from which it will offer its screening and profiling services.

The field of epigenetics is one of the most dynamic areas of biological research, spurring an increasing number of drug discovery programs in cancer, inflammation, metabolic and neuropsychiatric diseases. In the collaboration, the SGC and Cerep will produce epigenetic proteins and develop assays suitable for rapid and robust high throughput screening and profiling of compounds on these targets.   Cerep will in turn offer these services to the entire community of scientists in the public and private sectors.  

Thierry Jean, CEO of Cerep declared: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity to collaborate with the SGC to ensure that their scientific discoveries in epigenetics are made commercially available to support the discovery of new and efficient medicines.”

Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation said: “Ontario is thrilled to welcome Cerep, a world leader in drug profiling. We’re pleased that Cerep will partner with SGC to build an advanced lab, hire scientists and spur new innovation and discovery in our province. What brought them here is our government’s commitment to an open innovation environment, which allows us to develop medicines more quickly and strengthen our life sciences sector.”

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