Hit Discovery using DNA Encoded Small Molecule Libraries

Dr Thomas Franch
Chief Scientific Officer, Nuevolution A/S
Basement Seminar Room, NDM Research Building (TDI), Old Road Campus
Date and Time: 
Tuesday 18th February 2014

Over the past two decades, multiple encoded combinatorial library technologies have been explored with the aim to improve the lead discovery process. Using naïve DNA-encoded small molecule libraries in the size of tens to hundreds of millions, we have learned that a comprehensive coverage of chemical space at the fragment level is pivotal for a successful screening outcome. Consequently, the number, diversity and density coverage of fragments and not merely the number of final compounds is essential for identification of hits with the best potency, best lead optimization properties and most comprehensive SAR from screening.

Data from programs will be presented demonstrating the principle of the DNA-encoding technology and its application for hit identification against epigenetics targets including the BET bromo-domain family, histone methyltransferases and histone demethylases.


Thomas Franch, Ph.D., is the Chief Scientific Officer and a member of executive management of Nuevolution. Dr. Franch joined Nuevolution in 2001 as senior research scientist working mainly with the development and application of new encoding technologies for combinatorial chemistry libraries. In 2004 he became CTO with the responsibility of directing encoding technology efforts at Nuevolution. He has served as CSO since 2012. Prior to joining Nuevolution, he co-founded RNA Tech Aps working with artificial antisense technologies for therapeutic applications. Dr. Franch holds a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from The University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

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