SGC-UBD1031 A probe with dual USP16-HDAC6 activity.

The probe and control may be requested here.


SGC in collaboration with Dr Mark Lautens’ at the University of Toronto’s Department of Chemistry has developed the first chemical probe SGC-UBD1031 for the ubiquitin binding domain (UBD) of USP16. SGC-UBD1031 has equipotent affinity to HDAC6 UBD and it is recommended to be used in parallel with SGC-UBD253.

SGC-UBD1031 binds potently to USP16 UBD with KD = 48 nM (SPR), and in cells it inhibits the USP16-ISG15 interaction with EC50 = 1.7 micromolar (nanoBRET). 

SGC-UBD1031N is a closely related negative control with no activity in the nanoBRET assay up to 30 micromolar. 

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