SGC in the Open

SGC in the Open

Our blog posts are home to inspiring stories, insights, and updates from the forefront of our research. 

Within these pages, you will discover articles that showcase our latest discoveries, collaborative projects, and the impact of our open-access approach. This section offers a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative work unfolding at the SGC, featuring contributions from our scientists, partners, and community members. Interested in getting first the latest news from SGC?


GID4: From Zero to Hero in Revealing Interactions

Just as your household has a recycling system for waste, cells have sophisticated mechanisms to break down old or damaged proteins to keep everything running smoothly. This system uses chemical tags called ubiquitin to mark proteins for disposal. Researchers from the…

Community and Science: Huntington’s Research at SGC

In recognition of the International Day of Huntington's Disease Awareness, we spotlight the recent visit of the Toronto chapter of the Huntington Society of Canada to the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) at the University of Toronto. The visit provided an opportunity for HD family members to…

Bridging the Gap Between Leukemia Research and Real-Life Impact

As scientists, our training equips us to think creatively, tackle setbacks in the lab, and always ponder “What's next?" after publishing our findings. Yet, one area where our preparation might falter is in grasping the real-world impact of our work. Often, we might feel our efforts like a single…