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Why Your Support Matters

The Structural Genomics Consortium is a charity dedicated to providing vital research, data, and reagents to the scientific community, focusing on understudied areas of the human genome. We make these research outputs available without restriction. Over the past 20 years, our publicly accessible assets have been foundational for both private and public sector research and development, opening up new treatment possibilities for many diseases.

Help Us Make the Discoveries and Tools that Will Lead to New Medicines!

Supported by governments, foundations, and companies, the SGC is seeking additional financial contributions from philanthropies, disease foundations, and individuals. Your donations will help us sustain and expand our critical work, ensuring that our research remains freely available to the global community without patent restrictions.

Support Disease-Specific Research

Many proteins linked to common and rare diseases remain unexplored. By supporting the SGC, you can advance your interests and those of your research community. You will access industry-level expertise and be assured that all outputs are shared rapidly and freely.   If you represent a disease foundation or are driven by a specific health condition, consider directing your support towards research your target(s) of interest.

Democratizing Drug Discovery:

Our initiative to democratize drug discovery ensures that advancements in AI and other technologies benefit the entire scientific community. By supporting this effort, your contributions will help make high-quality data and methods universally accessible, as well as drive the development of open AI drug discovery programs.

Making a Difference Today

Every contribution, no matter its size, can impact millions of lives by advancing our understanding of human biology. To discuss how you can make a difference, or to learn more about targeted donations, please contact us at