SGC-UNICAMP Protein Kinase Chemical Biology Center - supporting drug development throught open-access research

The SGC-UNICAMP Center funded by FAPESP, UNICAMP  and SGC, is focused on developing molecular probes for protein kinases regulating RNA splicing and chromatin, with strong links to the other SGC laboratories and our network of industrial funders and academic collaborators. In addition to targeting human physiology, we will also utilize the chemical probes to investigate the roles of protein kinases in plants, with an emphasis on promoting resistance to adverse conditions and improving yields of agriculturally-significant crops.

Protein kinases regulate all aspects of life, including growth, development, physiology, memory, and the responses to the environment and to pathogens. Aberrant function of protein kinases is characteristic of most human cancers, and it is increasingly clear that protein kinases drive many other disease processes. The human genome encodes more than 500 protein kinases; however, despite their importance and suitability for drug discovery, most academic and pharmaceutical research has focused on a small fraction of kinases. The “unexplored” kinases represent a rich source of new biology and are the focus of our research.

To evaluate novel proteins as targets for new medicines, it is essential to develop highly specific and potent cell-permeable inhibitors (“chemical probes”). These probes are then used to understand the biology of the target proteins and to evaluate the consequences of inhibiting these proteins in cells and tissues.

By developing such probes for novel kinases and making them openly available, the SGC aims to replicate its success model to promoting target validation and early-stage drug development in academic and industrial laboratories all over the world.

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Press release: Primeiro centro de pesquisa no Brasil no modelo "open science" é lançado  Agencia FAPESP (in Portuguese)


SGC Unicamp careers [Brazil]

There are currently no open vacancies with the SGC. Please check back periodically for opportunities which may arise.


SGC Unicamp News

SGC-UNICAMP To Receive R$8.4Million In Public-Private Funding For Open Innovation Medicinal...

February 13, 2018, 4:17 am

Two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, Aché Laboratories and Eurofarma Laboratories, have partnered with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (Embrapii) to fund a medicinal chemistry project at the SGC lab at UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Aché and Eurofarma will each provide R$2.4M funding over six years with R$3.6M from Embrapii to form the Embrapii “Centro de Química Medicinal de Inovação Aberta” (CQMED, English: “Centre for Open Innovation Medicinal Chemistry”).

Open-Source Scientific Research Comes to Brazil

March 10, 2015, 6:42 am
Open-access research into drug discovery has arrived in South America, with a ground-breaking collaboration between leading scientists in North America, Europe and Brazil to provide completely free and open research results to the world. A $4.3-million (USD) grant from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) plus an in-kind contribution of US$ 1.9 million by The University of Campinas (UNICAMP), totalling US$ 6,2 million, will establish Brazil’s first open-access research facility, the Protein Kinase Chemical Biology Centre at the UNICAMP in Brazil.

Unicamp People

Director, SGC
Paulo Arruda

Paulo Arruda

Principal Investigator. Scientist Laboratory of Regulation Study in Genic Expression Center for Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Katlin Massirer

Katlin B. Massirer

Principal Investigator, RNA Regulation in Disease, Center for Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Mario H. Bengtson

Assistant Professor Department of Biochemistry and Tissue Biology Institute of Biology

Rafael Counago

Rafael M. Couñago

Principal Investigator / Scientific Coordinator

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