Celebrating 20 years of SGC

Let's continue to collaborate and push the boundaries to open science together! 

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We’d like to invite you to celebrate our 20th anniversary with us by sharing how SGC has impacted the scientific community. Your story will inspire more people to access our open science resources and work with us! Tweet here 

We are launching an SGC campaign inviting partners, collaborators and users of our research output to share their stories about how the SGC has impacted their science. 

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Structural Genomics Consortium, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the impact this pre-competitive public-private partnership has had on the scientific community. Over the past two decades, the SGC has been dedicated to determining the structure of more than 4,000 human proteins and collaborated closely with academia and industry to invent and disseminate hundreds of chemical probes. These chemical probes have been used by thousands of scientists around the world to make discoveries and to seed new drug discovery programs.  

Our focus on open access and collaboration has been instrumental in advancing scientific knowledge. We have often been told by scientists that by making our research findings and materials freely available, they were enabled to make discoveries and advance science across the fields of protein science, chemical biology and drug discovery. 

To commemorate 20 years of sharing our science and reagents, we would like to hear your stories so we can showcase the positive effects that the SGC has had on the scientific community, as well as to encourage new open science collaboration and knowledge sharing.  

Join us in celebrating 20 years of the SGC by sharing your stories and using the hashtag #20yearsSGC on social media. Whether the SGC has helped accelerate your research, advance your scientific knowledge, or even change the course of your career, we encourage you to share your experiences and celebrate this milestone with us.  

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