Support for the Characterization and Validation of Renewable Antibodies

At Structural Genomics Consortium, we are committed to driving advancements in basic and biomedical research that can positively impact the world. We believe that collaborative efforts and innovative solutions are essential for achieving groundbreaking discoveries. Today, we invite researchers from all corners of the globe to stand united in support of renewable antibody resources.

Sign the Petition to Prioritize Renewable Antibody Resources!

Have you ever experienced any of the following research roadblocks?

1.       Wasted resources on a commercial antibody that did not perform as claimed?

2.       Faced delays in your research due to the unavailability of validated antibodies targeting your research subject?

3.       Struggled to reproduce published results involving antibodies?

If you can relate to any of these challenges, you are not alone. Many of us have become frustrated and disheartened by this longstanding issue in the research community. That's why along with like-minded researchers we have created a series of petitions calling for specific actions to be taken by funding agencies worldwide.

Our goal is clear: we want to urge these funding agencies to prioritize the development, funding, and implementation of validation protocols. By establishing guidelines for reproducibility and specificity, we can significantly enhance the quality and reliability of research outcomes.

You can find the petition to support renewable antibodies at the following links:

NIH Support for the Characterization and Validation of Renewable Antibodies (

CIHR Support for the Characterization and Validation of Renewable Antibodies (

UKRI and Wellcome Trust Support for Characterization and Validation of Renewable Antibodies (

We kindly request your support in championing the cause of renewable antibody validation and taking concrete steps to establish guidelines that foster their widespread adoption as well as resources to target the human and mouse proteomes.

Your signature can make a difference! Join the growing community of researchers who are advocating for change and greater transparency in antibody resources. Additionally, we encourage you to forward these petitions to anyone you believe would be interested and share the link on your social media platforms to amplify our collective voice.

Thank you for being a part of this movement!

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