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Wednesday 28th September 2011
A research team led by scientists from Oxford University (including the Structural Genomics Consortium, the Botnar Research Centre, the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, the Wellcome Building for Molecular Physiology, and the australian Diamantina Institute in Brisbane), have successfully deciphered the molecular mechanism how an ER protease (ERAP1) functions in a key step in cellular immunity- the processing of peptide antigens that are presented to Major Histocompatibilty Complex 1 (MHC1) molecules.
Tuesday 27th September 2011

The Structural Genomic Consortium (SGC) announced  today  that  SGC and  Cerep, a worldleading biotechnology company, will enter into a collaboration to develop open access biochemical and cell-based  assays for the discovery of small molecule chemical probes and drug candidates on epigenetic targets. As part of the collaboration, Cerep will open a laboratory in Toronto from which it will offer its screening and profiling services.

Monday 25th July 2011
As part of the celebrations, Wellcome Trust researchers from the SGC, the Department of Zoology, the University Museum of Natural History and the Museum of History of Science at the University of Oxford present a stimulating series of events.
Thursday 1st March 2007
Structural Genomics Consortium reaches project milestone ahead of schedule
Monday 23rd May 2005
New spectrum of human drug targets identified and available to all to research
Wednesday 2nd April 2003
Research looks to unravel mysteries of over 350 proteins and lead to new products for unmet medical needs


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