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Posted on Tuesday 26th of August 2014

The Structural Genomics Consortium in Toronto hosted ChemNET's first Bootcamp for the 2013-2015 trainees. 

ChemNET is an NSERC CREATE training program that provides Chemistry graduate students and post-doctoral fellows the opportunity to gain practical medicinal and biological chemistry experience developing chemical probes for epigenetic proteins in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. All of ChemNET's output is open access and will be placed in the public domain with no restrictions. 

Posted on Wednesday 20th of August 2014
GC Toronto held the “Histone methyltransferases; Structure, Mechanism and Inhibition” symposium in Toronto on Thursday August 21st, 2014
Posted on Tuesday 5th of August 2014


Faster Cures interviews SGC Director Aled Edward on their Innovators spotlight. 

Aled Edwards: Carrying Out Open-Access Research in Structural and Chemical Biology

Posted on Friday 25th of July 2014
SGC Toronto will host ChemNET’s first Bootcamp in Medicinal Chemistry from 28th July - 22nd August 2014.
Posted on Monday 7th of July 2014

SGC Toronto will hold the “Histone methyltransferases; Structure, Mechanism and Inhibition” symposium in Toronto on Thursday August 21st, 2014. During this one-day epigenetics symposium ten renowned speakers will present their work on Protein Arginine Methyltransferases (PRMTs), Protein Lysine Methyltransferases (PKMTs) and related medicinal chemistry. This symposium is sponsored by ChemNet, an NSERC CREATE medicinal chemistry training programme in partnership with the SGC and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Posted on Thursday 19th of June 2014
The SGC took part in the Times Cheltenham Science Festival in June this year. As part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine's partnership with the festival, many SGC scientists presented a variety of structure-based drug design games to try out including: giant Jenga, touchscreens showing molecular structures and ‘create a medicine’ card game.
Posted on Thursday 19th of June 2014
Aled Edwards’ voice — and hands and feet — fairly bounce with enthusiasm as he describes the work of his Structural Genomics Consortium.
Posted on Saturday 7th of June 2014

A news article in this week's Nature Medicine entitled "Patent-free pact pushes the boundaries of precompetitive research" highlights the work of the SGC's precompetitive public-private partnership model that requires an agreement to make all output freely available to the public without any restriction on use, such a the development of patents.

Posted on Saturday 7th of June 2014
The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and CHDI Foundation have entered into a unique open-access research collaboration to discover and characterize new drug targets for Huntington’s disease (HD) using structural and chemical biology.
Posted on Wednesday 7th of May 2014

The Group led by Professor Chas Bountra, Chief Scientist of SGC Oxford, has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's Rita and John Cornforth Award 2014 for "... world leading collaborative research across the disciplines of structural biology, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and enzymology towards understanding and exploiting the potential of epigenetics as a target family for future drug discovery". 


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